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US-1854922-A: Control apparatus patent, US-1855106-A: Valve patent, US-1855175-A: Looping and tufting machine patent, US-1855714-A: Collapsible toilet patent, US-1855865-A: Window guard patent, US-1855890-A: Spring retainer for shaft packings and the like patent, US-1855951-A: Cultivator patent, US-1856054-A: Automatic draft conditioner patent, US-1856804-A: Fore and aft rigged vessel patent, US-1858056-A: Dental apparatus patent, US-1858485-A: Picture projecting and sound reproducing machine patent, US-185968-A: Improvement in vehicle-springs patent, US-1860006-A: Cooking range patent, US-186002-A: Improvement in methods of making hoops for cheese-boxes patent, US-1861951-A: Liquid motor patent, US-1861956-A: Process for decomposing organic materials patent, US-1862020-A: Means for preventing hum due to interelement capacities in vacuum tubes patent, US-1863184-A: Paper-stock-refining engine patent, US-186329-A: Improvement in buckles patent, US-1863947-A: Water purifier patent, US-1864268-A: Tack machine patent, US-1865201-A: Automatic telephone system patent, US-1866063-A: Game apparatus patent, US-1866-A: Construction of portable furnaces for heating water in bathing-tubs patent, US-1867321-A: Safety pressure head patent, US-1867577-A: Amplifier patent, US-1867820-A: Inductance changing system patent, US-1867857-A: Mechanism and method for making cans patent, US-1868410-A: Vacuum discharge vessel patent, US-1869305-A: Sinker patent, US-1869559-A: Filament mounting for incandescent lamps patent, US-1869706-A: Liquid treating apparatus patent, US-1869809-A: Liquid atomizing device patent, US-1869887-A: Clutch operating mechanism patent, US-1870166-A: Process of preparing comminuted cork patent, US-1870619-A: Roaster patent, US-1871173-A: Tie patent, US-1871926-A: Electrical apparatus patent, US-1871976-A: Sheet metal form and sheet metal lath patent, US-1872398-A: Suppressed wave radio carrier system patent, US-1872514-A: Hinge mechanism for grave vaults patent, US-1873580-A: Dustries limited patent, US-1873955-A: Fluid control system patent, US-1874753-A: Controlled arc discharge apparatus patent, US-1876065-A: Preparation of titanium compounds patent, US-187636-A: Improvement in blacking-boxes patent, US-1877510-A: Antiscald shower head patent, CN-103779049-B: 为换热介质的热泵式主变换热装置及方法 patent, US-1878115-A: Hydraulic lubricating system patent, US-1878616-A: Toy telephone and bank patent, US-1878666-A: Halogen substitution product of dinaphthylene-dioxide patent, US-1878943-A: Automobile body patent, US-187979-A: Improvement in tree-protectors patent, US-1880087-A: Printing machine for cinematograph films patent, US-1880873-A: Press patent, US-1880925-A: Production of coarse crystals patent, US-1881032-A: Radio receiving system patent, US-1881248-A: Mold for manufacturing boots, shoes, and similar articles of rubber or other plastic material patent, US-1881644-A: Electron discharge cathode patent, US-1881993-A: Tool attachment device patent, US-188320-A: Improvement in methods of making printing-rolls patent, US-1883770-A: Link mechanism patent, US-1884369-A: Visual information board patent, US-1884896-A: Fluid analysis patent, US-1885389-A: Pressure reducing and rgulating valve patent, US-1885949-A: Organic compounds of manganese and method of making same patent, US-1886335-A: Power spader patent, US-1886433-A: Electric switch patent, US-1886603-A: Tubular chimes patent, US-1886843-A: Beet topper patent, US-188718-A: Improvement in lever-clamps patent, US-1888058-A: Electrically operated automatic crossing gate patent, US-1888151-A: Method of manufacturing wall board channels patent, US-1888299-A: Weather strip patent, US-1888485-A: Electric fluid turbine patent, US-188899-A: Improvement in bessemer-converter bottoms patent, US-18891-A: Extension-table patent, US-1890211-A: Furnace grate patent, US-1890477-A: Taping machine patent, US-1890697-A: Process of manufacturing puffed cereal food patent, US-1891179-A: Metal fire resisting ironing board patent, US-1891910-A: Garter pad form and hook patent, US-1892207-A: Rim and lug for traction wheels patent, US-1893922-A: Submersible bearing structure patent, US-1894791-A: Desuperheater patent, US-1894996-A: Core drill with clock operated photographic means for ascertaining dip patent, US-1895485-A: License plate envelope patent, US-1896201-A: Process of separating oxides and gases from molten aluminum and aluminium alloys patent, US-1896234-A: Tail wheel patent, US-1897589-A: Melting and casting of metals patent, US-1898459-A: Crank shaft balancing patent, US-1898762-A: Selecting system using a single magnet patent, US-1899209-A: Grain cleaning machine patent, US-1899330-A: Window frame patent, US-1899738-A: Razor blade holder patent, US-189988-A: Improvement in belt-fasteners patent, US-1899918-A: Fractionation of hydrocarbon oils patent, US-1900382-A: Catalytic apparatus patent, US-1900501-A: Atb conditioning apparatus patent, US-1900510-A: Refrigerating 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